Checklist For Best Auto Insurance Rates

Getting great auto insurance rates is a science; it requires you to evaluate every aspect of your driving situation. Here are some things to cover when you're trying to get the best insurance rates. 

How's Your Personal Record? 

The first thing that may come up is your personal fit for car insurance. Aside from having a clean driving record, it's also important that you have good credit in order to be considered a low-risk candidate for auto insurance. You can also increase your appeal as a client by taking a defensive driving course to show that you are a safe and responsible driver. 

Are You Driving the Right Vehicle?

The vehicle you choose also has a major impact on your insurance rates. For instance, larger vehicles like SUVs may be more expensive to insure since they can pack a lot of damage in an accident. Used cars are a great option since the payouts are often smaller. Vehicle safety ratings are another thing to take into account when choosing a safe and insurable vehicle. You may want to look into how much your insurance would cost with one of these easier-to-insure vehicles and consider the switch. 

Can You Cut Your Driving Hours?

Each auto insurer may have a set of lesser-known criteria that they use to determine rates. For instance, some carriers may have several tiers of insurance rates depending on how often you drive the car; you'll want to make sure that you're bumped into the lowest category possible.  Some car insurers are even beginning to offer car insurance plans based on the number of hours you drive, so look into these if you drive the car only on occasion. 

Have You Installed Anti-Theft Devices?

Anything that you can do to make your vehicle safer from damage can help with your insurance rates. For instance, you might be able to get a discount from your insurer if you install anti-theft devices in your vehicle. 

Are You With the Right Insurer?

Finally, it pays to do your research and make sure that you are using the right car insurance carrier. Since every auto insurer calculates their rates and payouts a little bit differently, it's a good idea to speak with an insurance broker or thoroughly look at many plans for yourself. It can certainly be worth the effort to switch carriers if you can save hundreds of dollars per year. 

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