Have A Teenage Driver? 4 Tips To Help Lower Their Insurance Rate

One of the biggest concerns when you have a teenager that is just learning how to drive is paying their insurance premiums. It is no secret that insurance rates are high for teenage drivers, so you are likely looking for ways to lower those rates as much as possible. Consider these tips that can help you do it.

Show Their Good Grades

Does your child get good grades in school? If so, you'll want to ask your insurance agent if they offer a reduced rate for a teenager that is getting good grades. Good grades help represent that your child is responsible when it comes to school, and the insurance company hopes that reflects how they will drive as well. With no driving history to base insurance rate on, grades could be the next best thing.

Pick The Proper Vehicle

If you want to keep insurance rates low, you should avoid getting your child a nice car for their 16th birthday. That is because insurance companies consider the car that your teenager drives when it comes to deciding on a rate. If they are driving a brand new car and they get into an accident, it could be very expensive to repair all the damages. Meanwhile, an older car that is on its last legs could have a lower payout if the repairs are more than what the car is worth since the car would just be totaled.

You should also look for a car that has a good balance of safety features to keep your child safe as well. These reduce the chance of an injury happening to the driver, which reduces the chance of a medical payout in an insurance claim -- all of which will lower your rates when it comes to car insurance.

Monitor Driving Habits

Insurance companies offer driving behavior tracking in exchange for lower rates. If your child is a good driver, they could be contributing to those lower insurance rates. At the very least, telling your child that the device is installed in their car may act as a deterrent for bad behavior and prevent an accident.

Get A Multiline Discount

The best way to save money on a car insurance policy for your teen is to get it with your existing company. Ask about multiline discounts and how much you can save by adding your teen onto your existing car insurance plan.

For more tips on how to save, speak with a company like Nelson Insurance Agency.