4 Reasons Your Home Business Needs Business Insurance

When you run a business out of your home, you may believe you are already adequately covered in case of an emergency because you have homeowners insurance. However, this is not always the case. Here are four reasons your home business will need business insurance:

  1. You Have Expensive Equipment: It's important to know that homeowners insurance will not cover property damage or loss to business related property. If you have high-end computers or other equipment that is strictly used for your business, then you need business insurance, which will cover it in case of damage or theft. You will also want this if you have business related products in your home that your company sells. If these were to be damaged or stolen, it would be difficult to make up for the inventory loss without business insurance coverage. 
  2. Clients Come to Your Home: If you have clients coming into your home to meet with you about your business, then you must have business insurance. Your homeowners insurance will not protect you if a client is injured on your property while visiting their for business reasons. In order for your clients to be safe and trust your place of business, you must have business insurance.
  3. You Have a Vehicle Strictly Used for Your Business: If you have a vehicle that you use for your business, you need business insurance. This will cover damage to business property that is in the vehicle if the vehicle were to be stolen or damaged in a car accident. The business insurance will also help cover injuries to anyone driving the vehicle, including employees. 
  4. You Have Employees: If you have employees that work out of your home as well, then you need business insurance. You will want to be sure that you have business insurance that protects your employees in the case that they are injured while on the job. Some business insurance will even cover life insurance for your employees if something were to happen to them. 

When you know these four reasons why your home business needs business insurance, you can be sure that you are protected financially. Be sure to go over both your homeowners insurance and business insurance policies in order to understand what situations are covered and what aren't so that you can purchase additional coverage through either insurance policy to ensure that your home business and your home is protected no matter what. 

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