4 Costly Mistakes You Should Avoid When Filing For Workers Compensation Benefits

If you've been injured on the job, worker's compensation will cover the costs of your medical care. It will also provide you with small cash payments designed to help offset your lost wages if you're unable to work. To make sure you receive the full benefits you're entitled to, however, it's important that you avoid costly mistakes. Here are four mistakes you should avoid when filing your worker's compensation claim.

Failing to Report

If you've suffered workplace injuries, you need to file a report as soon as possible. Failing to report the incident in a timely manner may undermine your ability to receive compensation for your injuries. In California, you have up to five years to file a claim for worker's compensation benefits, but you only have 30 days to report the incident to your employer. To protect your rights, be sure to report that incident as soon as possible.

Relying on Your Own Insurance

If your injuries are the result of a workplace incident, don't rely on your own health insurance. While your health insurance will cover your injuries, you may be required to cover co-pays. Not only that but your health insurance will only cover your injuries. It won't take care of your financial needs. Go ahead and use your own health insurance for your initial doctors visit, especially if you have to go to the emergency room or urgent care. However, file a claim and use your worker's compensation coverage for all future work-related medical care.

Downplaying Your Injuries

If you've been downplaying your injuries because you're worried about putting a ding in your employer's safety record, you might be jeopardizing your own health. If you've been injured on the job, you need to provide a complete report about the incident – even if it means that the safety report gets a ding.

Going It Alone

If an accident at work caused you to suffer injuries, you should speak to an attorney. It's never a good idea to try and go it alone with a worker's compensation case. Your attorney will make sure that your paperwork is filed in a timely manner. They'll also make sure that you receive all the care and compensation you're entitled to. Workplace injuries can ruin your physical and financial well-being. Don't risk your health or finances while you're out of work. Contact an attorney like Divers-Savage-Mcpherson Insurance Agency as soon as possible.