Three Consequences Of Not Carrying Auto Insurance On Your Vehicle

So many people still do not carry auto insurance on their vehicles. Whatever the reason for doing so, it is not a good idea for anyone to follow this practice. Just as there are many good reasons for carrying car insurance, there are almost as many consequences for not carrying insurance. The following examples highlight some very important consequences for not carrying insurance, even when you have a spotless driving record.

Other Drivers Who Hit You, Then Sue You for More Money

Other drivers who may not have a very good driving record may hit you, and then they sue you because you do not have insurance. This is like adding insult to injury, since you were not the person at fault in the accident. However, without car insurance, you have no means to protect yourself and your property from these types of law suits because you do not have the insurance agent acting as a intermediary between you, the other driver, and the other driver's insurance company. Uninsured motorists may also be sued for more money because the other driver may be under-insured and taking advantage of your situation.

Suspension or Revocation of Your License

Some states will not permit you to drive without proof of insurance. If you had insurance but intentionally let it lapse because you did not want it or thought you did not need it, you could lose your license if you get into an accident. The police would arrive on the scene and request proof of insurance, and if you don't have it, the officers could write a ticket that would remove all good driving points from your license and render it temporarily useless. On top of that, you would probably have to phone a friend and have him or her pick you up, since the police probably would not allow you to drive your vehicle home after the crash (if it is still drive-able).

Loss of Your Job

If you use your vehicle for work and personal purposes, then driving without insurance while you are on work-related business could result in losing your job. Employers expect that employees who drive a lot for their jobs carry minimum coverage on these vehicles so that the company is protected as well as the employee. If this applies to you, you would not want to risk your job because you do not want to pay for insurance. Keep your job, your license and your money by buying auto insurance.