Upgrade Your Home Insurance Policy To Provide Coverage For These Events

Your home insurance policy will help you through a wide range of issues. Whether you've had a small fire in the kitchen, a break-in, or a tree that has fallen into your roof, you can file a claim, speak to an insurance adjuster and have the work repaired at no cost to you beyond paying your deductible. Unless you've thoroughly gone over the terms of your insurance policy or spoken at length to your local agent, however, you might be under the assumption that some things are covered. It's always good to talk to your agent to confirm the following types of coverage. In many cases, you'll need to upgrade your policy to protect you against these things.

Flood Damage

A standard home insurance policy doesn't typically include coverage against flooding, so you'll want to confirm the coverage offered by your specific policy and upgrade it to cover you in the event of a flood. This is especially important for people who live in close proximity to a water sources, such as a river, as flooding could easily occur during the springtime melt. However, flooding can affect any homeowner; a heavy amount of rain that falls over a short period of time could be enough to result in flooding in your basement.

Earthquake Damage

A natural disaster such as an earthquake can shake the foundations of your daily life, as well as cause considerable damage to your home. The average home insurance policy doesn't include coverage as a result of damage from an earthquake, but you can easily talk to your insurance agent and discuss adding this type of coverage to your policy. Doing so is especially a good idea for homeowners who reside in an area that is close to a fault line, as there's a chance of even a minor earthquake occurring at some point in the future.

Mold Outbreak

A house can experience an outbreak of mold for a wide range of reasons, many of which are beyond your control or could occur without your initial knowledge. Many standard home insurance policies do not cover mold damage, but a quick call to an agent like Kuresman Insurance can give you the chance to add mold coverage your policy. This can ensure that if you do experience mold, you can file a claim and have the problem taken care of quickly — which is vitally important for the air quality in your home.