Should You Opt For A Medicare Advantage Insurance Plan?

Medicare Advantage is a health insurance plan you might be considering as you look through the Medicare plans available to you. It has a cost that is typically a bit higher than other Medicare choices, so you may be unsure if it's suitable for you. Think about the following questions to help you determine whether Medicare Advantage is a good fit.

How Healthy am I?

The first thing you need to think about when you're selecting a Medicare plan is your current health. Do you have chronic health conditions that necessitate multiple doctor visits during the year? Do you think your conditions will get worse and you may need even more care? If that is the case, Medicare Advantage might be right for you because even though the upfront cost is higher, those costs pay for more services and additional benefits that you may need over the years because of any health conditions that you have.

Do I Take Medications on a Regular Basis?

Doctor visits and screenings are just some of the things that your insurance plan should cover. If you are someone who regularly takes different medications for health conditions, it is vital that you get covered for your prescriptions. You may have heard that some friends or relatives have Medigap insurance or other supplemental plans that offer medication coverage, but be aware that's no longer the case for new plans since 2006.

Medicare Advantage is a plan that offers medication coverage, which sets it apart from Medicare A and B. This might be your preference if you know you will need your medicine for years to come.

Do I Like My Physician?

If you've built up a solid rapport with your doctor over the years and they're the only ones you trust with your health, you have to be careful when selecting your Medicare plan. If your doctor does not accept Medicare Advantage as payment, you will have to pay out of pocket if you want to keep seeing that particular physician. Those costs could add up over time, so you might want to find out what type of Medicare they do accept and go from there.

It is important to consider these questions while you're making decisions about if Medicare Advantage is something you want to sign up for. For more information on different Medicare plans, contact local professionals like those found at Paul S. Critchlow Insurance Agency.