3 Home Improvements To Reduce Your Homeowners Insurance Costs

Do you feel like you're paying too much for homeowners insurance? There are steps you can take to decrease your homeowners insurance, and most of them will also improve the quality of your home. Insurance companies price their policies based on risk. If you take steps to reduce the risk of damage to your home, your policy will likely have lower rates. Below are three improvements you can make to your home that will likely drive down the cost of your homeowners premiums:

Replace your roof

Is your roof several decades old? It might be overdue for a replacement. Your roof is one of the most important components of your home's structure and safety. It protects your home from debris and weather conditions, and even impacts the cooling and heating of your home. Because it plays such a vital role in your home's safety, a roof replacement can have a major impact on your cost of insurance.

Just how much your insurance is affected depends on the quality of your new roof. A roof made of more durable material will result in a bigger premium decrease. For example, metal and concrete tiles usually have a longer lifespan and hold up better against the elements than asphalt shingles, so those materials may impact your insurance more. 

Install a security system

Theft and fire are two of the greatest risks that factor into your insurance. A home security system can help mitigate those risks. If you install a security system, be sure to let your insurance company know so they can reflect that on your policy. All security systems are good. However, some are better than others. Look for a system that automatically notifies police and fire departments without any action on your part. Those systems will likely net a greater discount on your insurance.

Upgrade your heating, ventilation, electrical, plumbing, and HVAC

Your heating and cooling systems play a major role in the quality and safety of your home. Home fires are often caused by outdated systems. Deteriorated wires or clogged vents can cause fires. Older pipes and plumbing systems can also contribute to water damage. By updating your home's core systems, you can save a lot on your insurance.

You can increase your discount by upgrading to eco-friendly systems. Many insurance companies offer discounts for systems that incorporate Energy Star appliances and make use of natural energy like solar, wind, or water. 

For more information on which upgrades can save you money, talk to your insurance agent. They can provide insight and guidance as you upgrade your home. 

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