After Your Home Has Been Vandalized, Complete These Tasks

It's easy to feel shaken when you notice that your home has been targeted by vandals, whether they've thrown a rock through a window, spray-painted your garage door or performed some other type of property crime. If the damage is minor, you might simply opt to fix it yourself, but if the vandalism was considerable, you'll likely want to file an insurance claim. Before you talk to your local insurance agent, there are a handful of tasks to complete that can help you prepare a stronger claim. Read More 

3 Signs You May Want To Reassess Your Life Insurance Coverage

For many people, life insurance is an effective way to protect their family members and other dependents from financial hardship in the event of their death. However, it can often be difficult to know how much life insurance you need. Your goals, needs, and financial obligations may change over time. Life can change quickly. Major life events could signal a need for either more or less insurance coverage, so it's often helpful to reassess your protection and make any necessary adjustments. Read More 

3 Types Of Business Liability Insurance

As a small business owner, it is essential to protect your growing company in any way that you can. Purchasing liability insurance, which is an important type of casualty insurance product, is a great way to protect a business from financial ruin in the event that a lawsuit is brought against the company for negligence or unintentionally causing harm. Some of the most popular liability insurance policies for businesses include the following: Read More 

3 Tips For Adding Your Teen To Your Car Insurance And Save Money

Adding a teenager to your car insurance can potentially have a major impact on your premium. Due to their inexperience, teen drivers are often considered a risk by insurance companies and to compensate for the additional risk, parents often find themselves paying more for coverage. If you are planning to add a teen driver to your insurance, here are some ways you can lower their impact on your premium.  Enroll Your Teen in a Driving Course Read More 

4 Reasons Your Home Business Needs Business Insurance

When you run a business out of your home, you may believe you are already adequately covered in case of an emergency because you have homeowners insurance. However, this is not always the case. Here are four reasons your home business will need business insurance: You Have Expensive Equipment: It's important to know that homeowners insurance will not cover property damage or loss to business related property. If you have high-end computers or other equipment that is strictly used for your business, then you need business insurance, which will cover it in case of damage or theft. Read More