Tips For Understanding Insurance Policy Reimbursement Methods

While most people understand the basics of insurance coverage, few take the time to determine exactly how their insurance company calculates the reimbursement under their policy. There are several different calculation methods that insurance companies can use to arrive at your reimbursement amount. Your policy details should tell you what method is used with your policy, or you can ask your insurance agent. Here's a look at the basics of them so that you know what to expect if you have to file a claim. Read More 

Tips For First-Time Life Insurance Buyers

Buying life insurance for the first time can be confusing. Not only do you need to decide what type of life insurance to purchase, you need to determine how much life insurance you actually need. So, before you begin the process, check out these tips for first-time life insurance buyers. Determine a Coverage Amount Don't let anyone else tell you how much life insurance you need. It isn't difficult to determine the right coverage amount on your own. Read More 

What To Ask Your Agent When Buying Car Insurance

Are you getting ready to shop for a new car insurance policy? If you are and have already selected the provider that you want to purchase your policy from, then making sure you get the best rate is likely a priority. Instead of buying your policy online, consider visiting with your insurance provider in person so you can go over options with a professional. If you want to reduce how much you are paying on a monthly basis, be sure to consult with your agent about the following: Read More 

Travel Insurance: Do You Really Need It?

As you head out the door on vacation this summer, you may be offered vacation insurance by your travel agent. While most people are inclined to refuse it because it is an added expense, you may want to pay the extra money. The following benefits of travel insurance may also be purchased through your regular insurance agent if you would rather not take the insurance offered by the travel agent (or if you are traveling on your own without the help of a travel agent). Read More 

Tips For Lessening The Risk Of A Flood In Your Home

Your home insurance company insures your home against flood damage. However, even with this protection in place, you likely don't want to deal with a flood. Not only is there the issue of the damage to your home and your possessions, but you'll also need to file an insurance claim and you might end up looking at a higher premium as a result of the flood. It's possible to use a number of simple strategies to reduce the risk of large and small floods in your home – even small issues can lead to significant water damage and the need for an insurance claim. Read More